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Syrian refugees

  • Originally published 04/11/2017

    Make American Humanitarianism Great Again

    Bradley J. Brewer

    Accepting refugees from Syria will strengthen America – a lesson we learned after World War II when we welcomed German refugees from Europe.

  • Originally published 12/23/2015

    Can history help us manage humanitarian crises?

    Richard Breitman

    This question is particularly timely given the massive outflow of refugees from Syria and the problems of admitting large numbers of refugees to other countries, including the United States.

  • Originally published 12/01/2015

    The United States’ tried and true anti-refugee history

    Gallup has detailed a number of instances throughout history in which Americans were confronted with potentially accepting refugees. And almost without exception, there has been significantly more opposition than support.

  • Originally published 09/09/2015

    Can a News Photo Ever Change History?

    The famous AP photo of a young girl running naked down the street shook the nation. It was published in June 1972. It was not until March 29, 1973, that the last American troops departed Vietnam, and not until April 29, 1975 that we fled the country.