• Friday's Notes

    by Cliopatria

    Macleans.ca features Arne Kislenko, one of ten winners of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and 3M Canada's 3M National Teaching Fellowships. A specialist in 19th and 20th century diplomatic history at Ryerson University, Kislenko advocates the "old fashioned" well constructed lecture.

  • Boeing in SC

    by Cliopatria

    I've been poring over the coverage of the recent brouhaha over the National Labor Relations Board complaint that when Boeing sited its new 787 Dreamliner facility in South Carolina it did so in order to intimidate union workers at its Puget Sound facilities.  For all the bloviating over this issue from politicians and shoot-from-the-lip commentators, I must say that I find the issues murky and difficult to judge.

  • Weak Endnotes

    by Cliopatria

  • Ben Breen's Res Obscura will present Carnivalesque LXXIV, an early modern edition of the festival, on Tuesday 24 May. Use the form to nominate the best in early modern history blogging since 26 March. Military History Carnival #27 will be here at Cliopatria on Friday 27 May.