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May 14, 2011

Carnival Roundup

The Jolly Great Hodge Podge Biblioblogging Carnival! (that is, April's Biblical Studies Carnival), is up at Jim Linville's Dr. Jim's Thinking Shop.

Carnival of Geneology, 105th edition, featuring the technology of genealogical research, is up at Creative Gene.

Four Stone Hearth #117, the anthropology/archaeology carnival, is up at Sexy Archaeology.

The Giant's Shoulders #35, the history of science festival, will go up at Fëanor's Jost a mon on Monday 16 May. Use the form to nominate the best in history of science blogging since mid-April.

Military History Carnival #27 will be here at Cliopatria on Friday 27 May. By 24 May, use the form to nominate the best of military history blogging since late February.

Carnivalesque LXXIV, an early modern edition of the festival, will appear at Ben Breen's Res Obscura in late May. Use the form to nominate the best in early modern history blogging since 26 March.

History Carnival XCIX will appear on or about 1 June. If you're interested in hosting it, use the form to contact the History Carnival coordinator.

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