• Africa Past and Present: Episode 52

    by Cliopatria

    Episode 52 of Africa Past and Present — the podcast about African history, culture, and politics — is now available at: http://afripod.aodl.org 

    In this episode, Hlonipha Mokoena (Anthropology, Columbia Univ.) talks about her new book: Magema Fuze: The Making of a Kholwa Intellectual (2011).

  • A Note on Comments

    by Cliopatria

    Cliopatria's new comment system seems to be under the weather, so I'll happily post comments on "Little Man, What Now?" as running additions to this post, giving us a place to discuss the thing if anyone wants to. Email comments to chrisabray at yahoo dot com, and notice the "a" in the middle. 

  • By Way of Introduction

    by Cliopatria

    For my initial (much delayed) posting to Cliopatria, I thought I’d introduce myself both by saying something about what I’m currently up to and making some observations about the connections (or disconnections) between history and public policy. Normally I teach at Vanderbilt and live happily ensconced in Nashville, but a year ago I received an invitation to spend this academic year at a newly established Global Research Institute at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

  • Little Man, What Now?

    by Cliopatria

    In his biography of George Wallace, Dan Carter argues that most American politicians have avoided noticing Wallace's legacy, dismissing him as a marginal figure whose time has long since come and gone.

  • More Noted Things

    by Cliopatria

  • Garry Wills, "A Very Christlike Kiss'n'Tell," New Statesman, 20 April, is an extract from his most recent book, Augustine's Confessions: a Biography.
  • Nico Voigtländer and Hans Joachim Voth, "Medieval Origins Of Nazi Anti-Semitism," NYU/Economics, April, argues that high degrees of anti-Semitism in 14th century central Europe were strong predictors of anti-Semitism in 20th century in Germany.