• Military History Digest #154

    by Cliopatria


    19th Century

    1. The Sable Arm: Carnage at Fort Gilmer by n/a

    "While most of what I write about on this blog (and in my forthcoming book) deals with the fighting that took place at New Market Heights during the Battle of Chaffin’s Farm, there is another encounter involving USCTs that took place on the same day that merits examination – the Battle of Fort Gilmer."


  • Week of March 28, 2011

    by Cliopatria

    David Rieff

    In reality, what separates the liberal interventionist and neoconservative approaches to so-called humanitarian military interventions are perfect illustrations of Freud’s idea of the narcissism of small differences. Both sides think it is America’s duty to reshape the world into a more democratic place. And no matter which side’s narrative is in the ascenda


    by Cliopatria

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