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Roe v Wade

  • Originally published 08/01/2016

    Roll Back Roe v. Wade?

    Andrew Young

    Here’s what America looked like when abortion was illegal.

  • Originally published 03/07/2016

    The Pro-Life Movement’s Liberal Argument

    Daniel K. Williams

    Pro-lifers have argued that in order for the state to protect women’s health – a goal that directly stems from the Progressive movement and that modern liberals often claim as their own – laws restricting allegedly unsafe abortion clinics are necessary.

  • Originally published 01/20/2016

    Five Things You Think You Know about Roe v. Wade – But Actually Don’t

    Daniel K. Williams

    The way that many Americans understand Roe v. Wade today - that is, as a liberal women’s rights decision that gave women throughout the United States immediate access to abortion – says more about the politics of a later era than the political situation of 1973.