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  • Originally published 06/25/2013

    Spotlight on the Digital Humanities at GMU's THATCamp Prime

    Lincoln A. Mullen

    Credit: THATCamp.orgOn June 7 and 8, the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media hosted its annual THATCamp Prime, an “unconference” about The Humanities And Technology. THATCamp started at CHNM in 2008 -- hence the name “prime” -- but since then there have been over one hundred fifty around the world. THATCamps draw professors, graduate students, librarians, archivists, and educational technologists for informal discussions (that is, no reading of papers) and hands-on workshops about how the humanities can take advantage of the possibilities of new technologies. THATCamps have been or will be hosted by major academic conferences, including the American Historical Association, the Modern Language Association, the American Academy of Religion, and the Organization of American Historians.

  • Originally published 06/11/2013

    Digital Humanities in the Spotlight at PhillyDH@Penn

    Michelle Moravec

    Tuesday, June 4, found just under two hundred very excited people gathered on the sixth floor of the Van Pelt Library at the University of Pennsylvania for PhillyDH@Penn sponsored by PhillyDH, a consortium of "universities libraries / archives, museums, cultural institutions and digital media innovators."View from the sixth-floor balcony. Photo Courtesy of Jen Rajchel.

  • Originally published 04/12/2013

    Turnout Middling at OAH Meeting in San Francisco

    David Austin Walsh

    FROM SAN FRANCISCO -- San Francisco. Steep hills, charming cable cars, rolling breezes off the ocean, and people so friendly, strolling through Golden Gate Park at 9:00am on a Thursday morning will net an amiable young visitor in a tweed jacket no less than two offers for high-quality drugs.

  • Originally published 03/05/2013

    April 2013 conference at Yale honoring Jon Butler

    Over at Religion in American History, Chris Cantwell, newly appointed Assistant Professor of History and Religious Studies at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, calls our attention to an April 2013 conference at Yale honoring the work of American historian Jon Butler.  Presenters include James Bennett, Catherine Brekus, Stewart Davenport, Christopher Grasso, Alison Greene, Amy Koehlinger, Rachel Wheeler, and Molly Worthen. There will also be a toast from Harry Stout. The sessions have been crafted around Butler's seminal contributions to the field of American religious history.  They are titled: "Magic, Astrology, and the Early American Religious Heritage" "Jack-in-the-Box Faith:?: The Religious Problem in Modern American History" "Enthusiasm Described and Decried: The Great Awakening as Interpretive Fiction: "Awash in a Sea of Faith."...

  • Originally published 06/28/2017

    We Win Screenwriting Contest (T.R.M. Howard Historical Film)

    Liberty and Power

    Our screenplay (co-authored by Linda Royster Beito), "Keepin' It Mighty Hot," which focuses on T.R.M. Howard's role in the Emmett Till case, won first prize the 2017 Screenwriting Competition of the Alabama Writers Conclave. The Conclave is one of the oldest writers' organizations in the United States, and probably the leading one in the state. It supports aspiring writers and artists. The picture shows Howard in his office at the Friendship Medical Center in Chicago (about 1973).