April 2013 conference at Yale honoring Jon Butler

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Over at Religion in American History, Chris Cantwell, newly appointed Assistant Professor of History and Religious Studies at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, calls our attention to an April 2013 conference at Yale honoring the work of American historian Jon Butler.  Presenters include James Bennett, Catherine Brekus, Stewart Davenport, Christopher Grasso, Alison Greene, Amy Koehlinger, Rachel Wheeler, and Molly Worthen. There will also be a toast from Harry Stout.

The sessions have been crafted around Butler's seminal contributions to the field of American religious history.  They are titled:

"Magic, Astrology, and the Early American Religious Heritage"

"Jack-in-the-Box Faith:?: The Religious Problem in Modern American History"

"Enthusiasm Described and Decried: The Great Awakening as Interpretive Fiction:

"Awash in a Sea of Faith."...

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