Steve Hochstadt

Steve Hochstadt is a writer and an emeritus professor of history at Illinois College.

  • The Latest Polls Are Worrying Me

    by Steve Hochstadt

    Whether Trump wins next year or not, the views of the minority of Americans who populate his “base” are troubling.

  • Take Back Our Lives

    by Steve Hochstadt

    There is evil in our land. Men with power, put in office to protect us, lie and scheme to benefit themselves.

  • The Divine Right Presidency

    by Steve Hochstadt

    King George III said during the American Revolution that “A traitor is everyone who does not agree with me.” Trump has often characterized his critics as traitors.

  • Seeing Our Environment

    by Steve Hochstadt

    The so-called age gap in climate consciousness is a less hopeful sign for the future than one might think. 

  • How African American Land Was Stolen in the 20th Century

    by Steve Hochstadt

    At the heart of the story is racism in many forms: how the promise of emancipation after the Civil War was broken; how whites used bureaucracy and twisted legalisms to take black land from owners too poor to defend themselves; how the teaching of American history was whitewashed to bury this story.

  • Another Kind of Patriotism

    by Steve Hochstadt

    The messages of the Pow Wow were clear: “We are patriots. We love our land and our unique culture. We love America and have defended it in every war. We welcome and respect all Americans.”

  • What is a Concentration Camp?

    by Steve Hochstadt

    "A new argument has broken out over the Holocaust, or more precisely, over references to the Holocaust in contemporary life. The sequence of events is revealing about politics, but not especially reliable about history."

  • What Does It Mean to Be Patriotic?

    by Steve Hochstadt

    survey one year ago showed that 72% of Republicans rated themselves “very patriotic”, while only 29% of Democrats chose this label for themselves. Since Trump’s election, the self-proclaimed patriotism of Democrats has dropped significantly.