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Welcome to HNN's Intern Program 

If you are reading this page you have probably been accepted into our intern program.  Congratulations!  Only students who meet our high qualifications are admitted. 

This page lists your responsibilities.  

The first thing you should do upon enrolling in the program is to familiarize yourself with HNN.  The website is divided into numerous different departments. The main departments are listed in a row at the top of every page.  This is a list of our main departments:

News  This department features news about historians and news about history.  For the sake of simplicity, we divide news into two categories:  Historians in the News and Breaking News.  You can access this department from the drop down menu at the top row of buttons or from the news widget on the right-hand rail. 

U.S.  This department features op eds written by professional historians on topics concerning News at Home.  Most of these pieces are written expressly for HNN.  The op eds appear on HNN's homepage. (What's an op ed?  It's an essay of about 1,000 words that takes a clear point of view.  It's called an "op ed" because essays of this sort appear in the New York Times print edition opposite the editorial page.  The Times's convention has become an industry standard.) 

World This department features op eds written by professional historians concerning News Abroad.  Once again, most of these pieces are written expressly for HNN.  These op eds also appear on HNN's homepage.

History This department features op eds written by professional historians concerning particular topics in history.  Historians like to argue about history.  This is where we track debates that are currently taking place.

Features This department is a collection of a rich variety of special pages devoted to various subjects, including famous quotes about history, questions people are Googling, and hot topics.

Books This department features book reviews written by professional historians expressly for HNN.

Roundup This department features content found on other websites about subjects in the news.  As we like to say at HNN, we surf the web so our readers don't have to.  The department features excerpts from articles with links back to the original sources. Click here to read more about this department.

Blogs This department features a variety of blogs run by professional historians.  Blogs gives readers the opportunity to commune with some of their favorite historians.

Intern Positions

We offer a variety of different positions, as you can see below.  You will be assigned to one these positions based on your interest and background, skills, and talents.

Every Friday you should send in a report reviewing your activities. Use a bullet format and be brief. All we need is an email, not an attachment.  Send your reports to:  

Breaking News & Roundup Interns

This is the most popular intern position.  Breaking News & Roundup interns help us find content for the News and Roundup Departments listed above.  Each intern in this position is assigned a group of websites to monitor on a regular basis.  Some websites are refreshed daily and should be checked daily -- newspapers and online magazines like Slate or the National Review. Others are updated weekly, monthly or quarterly, and should be checked as soon as they are updated. You can see the list of websites by clicking here.  

You will be searching for content that falls into one of three categories:

●  Breaking News (BN) -- news about historic events, shrines, anniversaries, trends
●  Historians in the News (HIN) -- news about historians (obituaries, major awards, controversies)
●   Roundup (RU) -- op eds and essays that put the news into historical perspective

When you come across an article you think might be suitable, paste the article into an email.  In the subject line indicate which of the three forms of content it is:  BN, HIN, or RU.

In the body of the email, off the top, include the URL.  Be sure that it's obvious who the author of the piece is and where the article was published.  

Send the article to: 

This work is vital.  Readers of HNN depend on us to keep them up to date about both breaking news and debates involving questions of history.  As we indicate clearly in our FAQ's, we do not take an editorial position on content.  HNN features a wide variety of views.  As you surf your assigned list of websites be on the lookout for content that is engaging, exciting, insightful and timely whether it's from the left, right or center.  At the same time we do not publish the views of Holocaust Deniers or authors who take similarly extreme positions. Including them would indirectly give them a credence they do not deserve. We do of course from time to time run articles, excerpts and news stories about people who hold obnoxious views like Holocaust Deniers.

Social Media Intern

The first step is to like HNN's FB page so I can grant you admin access!
FB now allows you to use FB as a group page. You'll see this in the dropdown menu next to "Home" in the upper-left hand corner.
So go ahead and use FB as HNN!
Your responsibilities will be communicating with other FB groups to increase our brand recognition. This extends beyond just posting advertisements about HNN on other group walls -- you should be getting involved in the conversation and dialogue of other groups, thereby establishing a presence for HNN. I suggest searching for history groups as a good first step. Use different keywords "history," "U.S. history," "Middle East history", etc.
For example, Like, Comment (on), and Share posts on the History Channel wall, posts by NYT reporters, etc. Do this for a set time -- one or two hours -- every day. Share interesting stories on the HNN FB feed. Tell your friends on FB about HNN and have them tell their friends about HNN. Communicate directly with HNN followers!
You should be making QUALITY comments/posts. You're a smart person -- show it!
Pages we have a presence on:

Editorial Intern

Editorial interns are responsible for soliciting articles from historians (here is an example of how to write to historians), working with authors to improve articles, copyediting, proofreading, and uploading pieces onto the HNN website. This position requires excellent judgment, strong writing and editing skills, and Web savvy.

Features Intern

Feature interns are responsible for implementing feature projects, typically two to three per intern. These projects could include profiles of historians,  cataloging the historical gaffes of politicians, or writing short fact sheets on topics in the news. Good judgment and writing skills are a must!

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John Edward Philips - 8/12/2005

There are a lot of holes in your map. I won't go into details about Latin America or south Asia, where the history wars are turning violent in the case of India.

I will comment on Africa, where you missed (e.g.) the 200th anniversary of the Sokoto Caliphate last year, though it was written up in many American newspapers.

I suggest you take a glance, at least sometimes, at such sites as the African news portal, where you can find links to African stories of relevance to history.