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News Abroad

  • Are You a Genius?

    by Ann Jefferson

    Here's the French answer as to who qualifies and who doesn't.

  • The Global Village Myth

    by Patrick Porter

    Technology may accelerate movement and compress physical space. But it does not necessarily shrink strategic space, the ability to project power affordably across the earth.

  • The Last British General Election?

    by Luke Reader

    As the United Kingdom commemorates the seventieth anniversary of victory in WWII, Cameron must be left with a nagging worry that he will be the prime minister who presided over the end of Britain.

  • The Vietnam War: After Forty Years

    by Lawrence S. Wittner

    A visit to Vietnam reinforces the conclusion that the war was an awful waste, but surprisingly now Vietnam and the US are friendly.

  • How Our War on Drugs Undermines Mexico

    by Aileen Teague

    The continued dominance of multi-billion dollar Mexican drug cartels cannot be seen as separate from the aggressive drug policies emanating from the U.S. in the 1960s and 1970s.

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