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News Abroad

  • How Turkey Went Bad

    by Daniel Pipes

    Starting with the still-astonishing election of 2002, the country dramatically changed course.

  • Why Does Africa Get Hit with So Many Disasters Like Ebola?

    by Joseph Yannielli

    Looking at the litany of disaster that is recent West African history - slavery, colonialism, genocide, civil war, and now an ebola epidemic of unprecedented scope and voracity - it is tempting to conclude that this is the single unluckiest region on the surface of the planet.

  • The Sad Reason We Don't Know More About Ebola

    by Pearl Duncan

    It’s been said that one of the reasons the Ebola virus went out of control, undetected, is because so little attention is paid to Africa. Not only is little attention paid to issues in current Africa, but very little is known about African history.

  • “But Is It Good for the Jews?”

    by Lawrence Davidson

    If you are over fifty and were raised in a Jewish household, you either heard this question explicitly asked numerous times or were subtly encouraged to think the question to yourself.

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