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  • The Key to the Success of Homo Sapiens

    by Yuval Noah Harari

    In a one-on-one brawl, a Neanderthal would probably have beaten a Sapiens. But in a conflict of hundreds, Neanderthals wouldn’t stand a chance. Why? Sapiens possess the ability to create fictions.

  • Why the Nazis Were Desperate for Gold

    by George M. Taber

    It was the greatest robbery in world history. During World War II, the German Nazi government robbed more than 600 tons of European gold.

  • What Would Happen If Humanity Was Suddenly Rebooted?

    by Roland Hughes

    “The entire point of this op ed is to get you, the learned few in the hallowed halls, to focus on gathering all of the basic knowledge in a form which will survive flood, fire, and nuclear winter.”

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