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  • What’s Curious about This Picture?

    by Michael C. C. Adams

    The accompanying field sketch is by combat artist Alfred R. Waud, one of two pictorial correspondents to cover Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863. Notice anyting odd?

  • A Forgotten Stage of the Atlantic Slave Trade

    by Gregory E. O’Malley

    Port records, merchant papers, and imperial correspondence all suggest that a thriving intercolonial slave trade dispersed as many as a quarter of the African people who arrived in the New World, extending their dangerous journeys to American plantations.

  • A Rejoinder to Critics of the New AP Course in History

    by Fred Anderson

    "Dr. Peter Wood’s tortured reading of the Framework and his blanket denunciation of academic historians suggests that he, too, might pause to reflect on the values of rigor, impartiality, thoroughness, and intellectual honesty that were, in the end, all we hoped to foster."

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