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  • How the NCSS Sold Out Social Studies and History

    by Alan Singer

    Instead of challenging Common Core, the NCSS begs to be included. Instead of presenting multiple perspectives, it sells advertising in the form of lessons to its corporate and foundation sponsors.

  • Pentagon Newspeak

    by Stanley Kutler

    The Pentagon has hijacked the history of the Vietnam War.

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  • Was Jefferson a “Scientific Racist”?

    by M. Andrew Holowchak

    Would it have been rational for a man, steeped in the science of Jefferson’s time, to reject outright the scientific utterances on racial classification that were common?

  • Foreign Policy: Can’t Anybody Play this Game Better?

    by William R. Polk

    "Reading the press both in America and Europe in recent weeks, I have been increasing impressed -- and worried -- by what seem to me to be misunderstandings of basic elements in international relations."

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