• Why Jane Jacobs Matters Now

    by Peter L. Laurence

    The answer is in her last book, which almost no one reads or remembers. But her biographer thinks it’s the one we need now.

  • JFK. A Motorcade. A Rifle. But this Wasn’t Dallas.

    by Stephen F. Knott

    Recently discovered evidence in the archives of the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston shows there was a serious breach of security in the midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis that could have altered the course of history.

  • Who Really Discovered America?

    by Ed Simon

    That’s a complicated and fraught question that no fresh discovery of the Vikings’ presence, however important, can answer.

  • The Supreme Court Mystery We Couldn’t Solve

    by Brian Johnson

    The Obama administration claims that every nominee to the Court since 1875 has received a hearing or an up or down vote. So what happened in 1875? Nothing as far as we could determine.

  • Does Woodrow Wilson Have an Irish Problem, too?

    by Robert Schmuhl

    Although he tried to disguise another bias, an examination of his papers reveals an almost total lack of concern for the Irish Question that demanded an answer during his presidency.

  • What Took Maryland so Long?

    by Christian McWhirter

    They’re only now getting rid of their treasonous state song? Well, better late than never.