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  • Foreign Policy: Can’t Anybody Play this Game Better?

    by William R. Polk

    "Reading the press both in America and Europe in recent weeks, I have been increasing impressed -- and worried -- by what seem to me to be misunderstandings of basic elements in international relations."

  • What the Opponents of the New AP Standards Don't Get

    by H. Michael Hartoonian, Richard D. Van Scotter, and William E. White

    Recent events in Jefferson County, Denver, Colorado, underscore a misunderstanding Americans generally hold regarding the U.S. history curriculum.

  • Why Americans Have Been Duped over the Use of the Atomic Bomb

    by Paul Ham

    One day somebody in high office in Washington will have the intellectual honesty to acknowledge, if not apologise for, a grotesque distortion of the truth that the Truman Administration visited on the American people in the pages of Harper’s Magazine in 1947.

  • MLK's Final Year: An Interview with Tavis Smiley

    by Robin Lindley

    For a full understanding of Dr. King, Mr. Smiley urges, Americans must get beyond the stereotype of a civil rights leader and see Dr. King in his full dimension as a human rights advocate with powerful ideas on community, peace and justice.

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