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  • MLK's Final Year: An Interview with Tavis Smiley

    by Robin Lindley

    For a full understanding of Dr. King, Mr. Smiley urges, Americans must get beyond the stereotype of a civil rights leader and see Dr. King in his full dimension as a human rights advocate with powerful ideas on community, peace and justice.

  • What Can We Learn from History?

    by Robert Zaretsky

    Political and moral judgment requires experience, both one’s own and that of others, distilled into narrative.

  • Why the History Curriculum Matters

    by Laura Auricchio

    Americans care deeply about history and how it’s taught. As we should. Were it not for a solid grasp of history, the United States might never have existed.

  • We Must Not Gloss Over America's Past

    by Walter Kamphoefner

    Our form of government has survived for more than two centuries not because it was perfect at the creation. It survived because it contains mechanisms for self-criticism and self-improvement, mechanisms that are undermined by "feel-good" history.

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