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  • A Rejoinder to Critics of the New AP Course in History

    by Fred Anderson

    "Dr. Peter Wood’s tortured reading of the Framework and his blanket denunciation of academic historians suggests that he, too, might pause to reflect on the values of rigor, impartiality, thoroughness, and intellectual honesty that were, in the end, all we hoped to foster."

  • The "Historians" Confront Israel

    by Robert "KC" Johnson

    Historians have signed a petition blasting Israel.  The scholars’ letter went out of its way to affirm that the signatories were speaking as historians, not simply as citizens. This is infuriating.

  • Why Historians Can't Afford to Ignore Gossip

    by Kathleen A. Feeley and Jennifer Frost

    Gossip, rumor, hearsay, tittle-tattle, scuttlebutt, scandal, dirt. Whatever the term, gossip is one of the most common—and most condemned—forms of discourse in which we engage.

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