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News at Home

  • Did the Founding Fathers Believe In American Exceptionalism?

    by Sheldon Stern

    Like John Adams, they were for the most part confident that the new United States was on the cusp of a brilliant future. But they did not believe that Americans, as a people, were exempt from the flaws and faults of other nations and peoples.

  • The Second Amendment Con Job

    by Gregory J. W. Urwin

    The founding fathers agreed to the Second Amendment in order to assuage the public, which worried about the Constitution's provision for an army.

  • Charleston and the Amok Syndrome

    by Thomas Fleming

    While there is a connection to the so-called Lost Cause on the surface of Dylann Roof’s disturbed mind, it is not an explanation for the tragedy. The reason for the bloodshed is psychiatric, not racial or political.

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