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  • Originally published 01/17/2018

    Paying for Climate Change

    Stephen Macekura

    Despite his extreme rhetoric, Trump is merely the latest in a long line of U.S. leaders unwilling to pony up for global environmental accords.

  • Originally published 04/24/2017

    Video of the Week: Climate change has a controversial history

    Prior to the late 1800's, people believed the Earth's climate was static and never changing, and it wasn't until a few scientists in the second half of the 19th century began to wonder how giant boulders were in places where they shouldn't be. Today, 98 percent of climate scientists agree additional greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels is the primary reason for the current accelerated warming of the planet.

  • Originally published 12/19/2016

    Facts, lies and climate change

    Jonathan Zimmerman

    You shouldn’t ‘teach the controversy’ about something that shouldn’t be controversial.

  • Originally published 12/16/2014

    Sudden global warming 55m years ago was much like today

    Researchers have discovered a period, some 55m years ago, when massive volcanic eruptions pumped so much carbon into the atmosphere that the planet warmed at what geologists would think of as breakneck speed.

  • Originally published 10/27/2014

    The global warming hoax

    Steve Hochstadt

    "This would be the greatest hoax ever, because unlike every other hoax, it is being committed by all the world’s experts, which is precisely what the global warming deniers are claiming."

  • Originally published 03/25/2014

    Lessons from the Little Ice Age

    Geoffrey Parker

    The Little Ice Age of the seventeenth century triggered global disruptions to civilization. Policymakers need to heed the warning.

  • Originally published 03/22/2013

    Pre-Viking tunic found by glacier as warming aids archaeology

    , A pre-Viking woollen tunic found beside a thawing glacier in south Norway shows how global warming is proving something of a boon for archaeology, scientists said on Thursday. The greenish-brown, loose-fitting outer clothing - suitable for a person up to about 176 cms (5 ft 9 inches) tall - was found 2,000 metres (6,560 ft) above sea level on what may have been a Roman-era trade route in south Norway. Carbon dating showed it was made around 300 AD....

  • Originally published 01/25/2013

    Juan Cole: Global Warming Is a Domestic Crisis

    Juan Cole

    As President Obama made clear in his inaugural address Monday, failing to confront the threat of climate change in his second term would be a betrayal of future generations. 

  • Originally published 12/10/2010

    Climate Change

    Global warming, climate change: Whatever you call it. Here are the articles we've featured on this topic through the years.

  • Originally published 08/03/2009

    History Offers Hope that We Can Reduce the Risk of Global Warming

    Jan Kunnas

    While still writing on my doctoral thesis, I received as a comment on an early version from a professor in my university, “that few people today believe in history as the vita magistra.” At first this statement shocked me, but later on it turned into a great inspiration for further thought. The first question arising was, that if we do not believe that we can learn from history, then what is the justification of the whole academic discipline history. If it is just for our own fun, is

  • Originally published 09/30/2016

    Donald Trump Believes in Climate Change

    Steve Hochstadt

    When he considers his financial interests, Trump is a climate change believer. Trump the businessman was arguing with the Irish authorities about allowing him to make an extraordinary investment to protect his property over the course of this century, because “it could reasonably be expected that the rate of sea level rise might become twice of that presently occurring”. All the while, Trump the politician insisted over and over to the American public that he did not believe in global warming, that the scientists cited in his Irish petition were liars and cheaters, that the whole thing was a hoax.

  • Originally published 09/02/2015

    Science, Averages and Hokum

    Steve Hochstadt

    When you take the claims of global warming deniers, such as the so-called pause in warming, or the number of scientists who are skeptics, or the lack of consensus of the world’s scientists, and investigate the footnotes or check the math, you see that they are not doing science. Their work cannot stand peer review, so it is published on the internet, where they get maximum readership with minimal credibility.