The Faculty Network for Student Voting Rights Announces its Launch, September 3, 2020

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This item is being posted by request of the Faculty Network for Student Voting Rights (FacNet). 


We all know how important the upcoming presidential election is and how critical it is that students vote. The Faculty Network for Student Voting Rights (FacNet) is a national group of faculty members from different disciplines that is encouraging the 1.3 million college and university faculty to assist in boosting the youth vote. It is important to note that African Americans are the number one group being disenfranchised and students are the number two sector. Three historians, Van Gosse, Patrick Manning, and Margaret Power (all members of Historians for Peace and Democracy?)founded FacNet in April 2020. Today, around 250 faculty members from across the country are members. To join FacNet, go here

Faculty members have a vital role to play in informing students how they can register to vote because we are all in contact with them, either in the classroom or, increasingly, virtually. Further, providing students with information about how to vote is legal, as long as it is done in a nonpartisan manner. 


In order to promote this work, FacNet has teamed up with leading national organizations that work to enhance students' electoral empowerment. FacNet can provide faculty with materials and training that will facilitate you efforts to register students and encourage them to vote. We also have created a structured space that allows faculty to share ideas and experiences. 


One way you can learn more about FacNet and how you can get involved is by attending our Thursday, September launch meeting. It will take place at 4 pm EST, 3 pm CST, and 1 pm PST. Register Here!