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Voter suppression carries slavery's three-fifths clause into the present

by Imani Perry

The Georgia governor’s election was the latest example of how James Madison’s words continue to shape our views on race.


Kevin Kruse and Julian Zelizer: Howard Schultz could re-elect Donald Trump

by Kevin Kruse and Julian Zelizer

Schultz could easily play the same spoiler role in 2020.


Jeremi Suri: The Case for Howard Schultz

by Jeremi Suri

"Third-party figures did not play spoiler to particular candidates; they were reflections of the weaknesses of the main-party candidates from the start."



The Women’s Suffrage Movement Included More Than Two Women And So Should The Monuments

by Michelle Duster

During a time when Black women’s votes are more pivotal than ever, our leaderships and contributions to the Suffrage Movement must be honored.



Trump's Troop Ban Is Part of a Long, Dark History of Accusing Trans People of Threatening National Stability

by Julio Capó Jr.

People gendered differently from what was assigned to them at birth have served in the American military since at least the 18th century.



After Donald Trump, we need a Washington outsider like Jimmy Carter in the 2020 race

by Jonathon Zimmerman

Carter wasn't a particularly effective president. But he was the right candidate for the moment, a decent man who healed the hole in our national heart.



The State of the Union shifts power to the president. Pelosi took it back.

by Kathryn Cramer Brownell

The shutdown upended the ‘bully pulpit’ Trump’s predecessors have used.



Xi’s China Is Steamrolling Its Own History

by Pamela Kyle Crossley

“Historical nihilism” is nothing more than a denial that the past is fundamentally a resource to be plundered by the present.



The Green Book’s Black History

by Brent Staples

Lessons from the Jim Crow-era travel guide for African-American elites.



Our Man From Boeing

by Mandy Smithberger and William D. Hartung

Has the Arms Industry Captured Trump’s Pentagon?



Why the decision to wear MAGA hats matters

by Matthew A. Sears

Political symbols signal political beliefs — and their usage can shape the course of history.


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