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  • Two Cheers for Constitution Day!

    by F. H. Buckley

    With the benefit of hindsight, the Framers might prefer the Constitution they didn’t sign.

  • Can a Nation's Soil Explain Its Economic Fortunes?

    by Joe Pinsker

    If your ancestors could grow crops easily—and thus get proof that patience pays off—you're more likely to value distant payoffs, argue two economists in a new paper.

  • The chaotic Middle East and beyond

    by Tom Engelhardt

    In the twenty-first century, the U.S. military has been neither a nation- nor an army-builder, nor has it found victory, no matter how hard it’s searched.

  • The Case for a Unified Kurdistan

    by Daniel Pipes

    Is a united and independent Kurdistan a prospect we should welcome, or a dangerous idea that would create more problems in the Middle East than it would solve?

  • Football: Unsafe at any level

    by Jonathan Zimmerman

    We need to think long and hard about why we're putting so many kids at risk to subsidize a league that's already awash in money.

  • Ken Burns’s ‘Roosevelts’ Fine But Flawed

    by Harvey J. Kaye

    Arguably America’s most influential historian, Burns fashions a fascinating documentary from the lives of Teddy, Franklin, and Eleanor. But his story has grave gaps.

  • Don’t Throw the Bums Out

    by Jon Grinspan

    If you know nothing about presidents like Benjamin Harrison or William McKinley, this is why. After the tumultuous 1870s, parties learned to stop nominating speechifying demagogues, so easy to caricature, and put dull, harmless men at the top of their tickets.

  • Roundup Top 10!

    This week's broad sampling of opinion pieces found on the Internet, as selected by the editors of HNN.

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