• Bernie Sanders's Political Ancestor, Wayne Lyman Morse

    by Jeffrey Frank

    In some ways, Sanders’s career calls to mind the four-term Oregon Senator Wayne Lyman Morse, whose fierce opinions and commitment to something he called “constitutional liberalism” annoyed both major parties.

  • Public restrooms and dignity for all

    by Margaret Storey

    Under Jim Crow, if there was no bathroom for you, you either did not go, or faced the choice between personal humiliation or arrest.

  • The brain is not a computer

    by Robert Epstein

    Each age reinterprets the brain in terms of its prevailing technology. This is an error.

  • A brief history of the ‘Nakba’ in Israel

    by Eitan Bronstein Aparicio

    Why it was acknowledged at first and why it disappeared from public view in Israel -- and then suddenly made a dramatic reappearance. 

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