• The FBI’s War on Civil Rights Leaders

    by Jeffrey O. G. Ogbar

    Steeped in its own racism, without any checks or balances, the FBI devoted more resources to harming the civil rights movement than any other task in its purview.

  • When Truth Becomes a Commodity

    by Daniel T. Rodgers

    "Post-truth" carries a catchy, advertising-agency ring. And that may be exactly what is wrong with it and with our times.

  • What If a President Loses Control?

    by Jeffrey Frank

    There’s no need to dwell on the particular character of Trump, but it is worth examining what remedies exist if any President is too careless, inattentive, or impulsive to deal sensibly with questions affecting the nation’s survival.

  • Roundup Top 10!

    This week's broad sampling of opinion pieces found on the Internet, as selected by the editors of HNN.

  • The Millionaire Who Took on McCarthy

    by Gil Troy

    William Benton was an advertising icon and wildly successful investor—and with those millions backing him up, he took on the country’s scariest politician.

  • When George Wallace Came to Town

    by Joe Allen

    Donald Trump’s appeal to some suffering white workers shouldn’t surprise us. George Wallace did the same thing four decades ago.

  • Martin Luther King Day With Trump

    by Jelani Cobb

    The holiday will be presided over by a President who scarcely seems to comprehend King’s principles.