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  • Originally published 01/23/2015

    Drones and the new ethics of war

    Neve Gordon

    Because drones transform warfare into a ghostly teleguided act orchestrated from a base in Nevada or Missouri, whereby soldiers no longer risk their lives, the critical attitude of citizenry towards war is also profoundly transformed.

  • Originally published 12/28/2013

    America's Love Affair With "Technowar"

    Steven Casey

    American presidents have always relied on high technology to reduce U.S. casualties ... and increase enemy body counts.

  • Originally published 12/20/2013

    “Bride and Boom!”

    Tom Engelhardt

    We’re number one... in obliterating wedding parties.

  • Originally published 10/29/2013

    The Age of the Drone

    Lloyd C. Gardner

    President Obama has made it clear: even after the withdrawal from Afghanistan, there will still be drone strikes.

  • Originally published 07/28/2013

    Trayvon Martin and Edward Snowden

    Vicente L. Rafael

    Could we say that within the particular imperial and racial nexus we find ourselves in, that Snowden, despite his obvious differences from Trayvon, might also share his fate?

  • Originally published 05/24/2013

    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Obama's Terrorism Speech

    Juan Cole

    Originally posted on Informed Comment.Here are the good, the bad and the ugly things in President Obama’s important speech on counter-terrorism Thursday, and in the off-stage steps he has announced that mysteriously did not appear in the speech:The Good:

  • Originally published 02/18/2013

    Jonathan Zimmerman: A History Lesson on Assassinations

    I taught a course last month in the United Arab Emirates, which isn’t a democracy. But according to an Emirati guy I met there, the United States isn’t much of a democracy, either.“Anyone you don’t like, you just assassinate him with a drone,” he told me. “Shoot first, ask questions later.”But now lots of people are asking questions about U.S. drone strikes, especially after the recent confirmation hearings for John O. Brennan. Nominated by President Barack Obama to direct the Central Intelligence Agency, Brennan defended the CIA’s targeted killings in Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere as essential to national security....

  • Originally published 02/13/2013

    Alex Seitz-Wald: Would Lincoln Use Drones?

    Alex Seitz-Wald is Salon's political reporter.With the nation deep in the throes of Hollywood-induced Lincoln-philia, Washington Examiner editor Mark Tapscott asked Friday what the revered president might do about one of the thorniest political questions of 2013: “Would Lincoln have droned Robert E. Lee?” His answer — an imagined conversation between Lincoln and Secretary of War Edwin Stanton that has the 16th president remarking “OMG” and “sheesh” — is dumb, but the question and answer are more interesting that Tapscott gives them credit.Lincoln is rightly held up as the paragon of the American presidency, so it makes sense that people would ask how he would handle a tough moral question like the use of unmanned killer drones, which has compelling arguments both for and against. WWLD? We consulted experts and the historical record to find out. The answer may surprise you.

  • Originally published 02/07/2013

    The American Lockdown State

    Tom Engelhardt

    Protest in front of the Wisconsin State Capitol. Credit: Flickr/Madison Guy.Originally posted on TomDispatch.com

  • Originally published 07/04/2016

    When Elie Wiesel Confronted Ronald Reagan

    Gil Troy

    Time and again, the Holocaust survivor showed great courage, but in his last years he was saddened by how little the world had changed.