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Coming Soon: The Other Lyndon Johnson

by Stephen Sestanovich

After a year about his bright civil rights legacy, prepare to relive his Vietnam legacy.

Nixon betrayal far worse than GOP Iran letter

by Ray Locker

Republican nominee sabotaged Vietnam peace talks before he was elected president.

Republicans are beginning to act as though Barack Obama isn’t even the president

by Paul Waldman

It’s one thing to criticize the administration’s actions, or try to impede them through the legislative process. But to directly communicate with a foreign power in order to undermine ongoing negotiations? That is appalling.

Republicans’ letter to Iran is far from unprecedented

by Marc A. Thiessen

Jesse Helms and other senators through the years, says the author, publicized their objections to US foreign policy initiatives of the president of the U.S.

11 Freedoms That Drunks, Slackers, Prostitutes and Pirates Pioneered—and the Founding Fathers Opposed

by Thaddeus Russell

What the Founding Fathers called corruption, depravity, venality and vice, many of us would call freedom.

More than 80,000 People Died and Hardly Anyone Paid Attention?

by Saotome Katsumoto

How Japan finally came to terms with the Great Tokyo Air Raid, which took place 70 years ago this month.

The surprising case for making March the first ever White History Month

by Elliot Ross

Our White History Month is about insisting that the vile history of racism is still with us, that it shouldn’t be whitewashed or wished away, but grappled with as part of what it means to live more responsibly in the world.

The World’s Problem With Sex Ed

by Jonathan Zimmerman

Globalization has served to curtail rather than expand school-based sexual instruction. The more the world has become interconnected, the more sex ed has come under attack.

How JFK made NASA his secret weapon in the fight for civil rights in America

by Richard Paul and Steven Moss

Most Americans know the name of the first black player in professional baseball — Jackie Robinson. But how about the first black professional in the US space program?

The Anthropocene began with species exchange between Old and New Worlds

by Simon Lewis and Mark Maslin

Human activity has clearly altered the land surface, oceans and atmosphere, and re-ordered life on Earth.

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