• We're Facing the Results of the Dems' Retreat from Secularism

    by Jacques Berlinerblau

    By trying to match the Republicans on bringing Christian faith into policy, Democrats abandoned the difficult but necessary struggles to define how a diverse society protects religious freedom for majority and minority faiths – and those of no faith. 

  • America's School Funding is Kleptocracy in Action

    by Esther Cyna

    The American system of funding schools largely through local property taxes contributes to inequalities both obvious and subtle that amount to legal dispossession of poor and minority students by denying them access to quality education. 

  • Calling Culture War a "Distraction" Mistakes its Meaning

    by Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò

    The right is fighting to make sure that one group's values are more influential than any others'. It's impossible to separate this from material politics, and the left needs to connect its values to changing the way people live. 

  • Buffalo Shooting Reflects Deeply Rooted American Ideas

    by Jesse Curtis

    Labeling the so-called "Great Replacement" a conspiracy theory obscures how closely it hews to commonplace American ideas about race, nation, and who is entitled to rule. 

  • Buffalo Mass Shooting Demands We Think About American Racism

    by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

    The gunman's manifesto shows the dangerous convergence on the right of anti-Black racism and a belief in white persecution. It also shows why the right is working so hard to fight teaching about racism in history classes. 

  • The Losers of the Ukraine War? The Global Poor

    by Rajan Menon

    Refugee crises, inflation in the developed world, and constricted access to both credit and grain exports in the developing world are all likely consequences of the Ukraine invasion that will fall on the world's poor. 

  • The Antiabortion Movement's Victory in the War of Language

    by Jennifer L. Holland

    The antiabortion movement was able to overcome American skepticism of enshrining religious views into law and demands by women for full citizenship by turning the language of rights to apply to fetuses. It remains to be seen if this language will lead to a national ban on abortion in the name of fetal personhood. 

  • For Deliverance: A Letter on Roe

    by Riley Clare Valentine

    A Catholic scholar and activist concludes "it is an act of love, of caritas, to reject the unjust undoing of Roe and to continue to help our neighbors who need access to abortions."

  • How Josephine Baker Challenged Racism in Las Vegas

    by Claytee White

    Josephine Baker's brief stand in 1952 didn't forever break the color line in the city's casinos and clubs, but it did help Black Las Vegans push for enduring change. 

  • There's More to Cinco De Mayo than Many Americans Know

    by Ruben A. Arellano

    American Cinco de Mayo celebrations emerged at a time when ethnic Mexicans who were made Mexican-American by the US conquest of their homes looked to Mexico's defeat of a French imperialist invasion in 1862 for inspiration at a time when the Confederacy threatened to expand into the southwest.

  • The Laundry Workers' Uprising and the Fight for Democratic Unionism

    by Jenny Carson

    African American and Black Caribbean immigrant women were key organizers of New York laundry workers who pushed for a union movement that rejected divisions of occupation, race and nationality in favor of workplace democracy. 

  • Judicial Leaks, 19th Century Style

    by Mark A. Graber

    When a Justice leaked a draft of the Dred Scott decision to James Buchanan, hoping the president-elect would cajole a fellow Pennsylvanian on the court to join the opinion as a non-southern vote, it was a non-story. Today the focus should be squarely on the substance of Samuel Alito's ruling.