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James Comey

  • Originally published 05/13/2017

    Not Watergate, Not Yet

    James Warren

    "Nixon's 'Saturday Night Massacre' was clearly a sinister act and effort to kill an investigation. What is not clear is whether Trump has botched this or it is a sinister act."

  • Originally published 11/02/2016

    The FBI Is at it Again

    Martin Halpern

    While we don’t know what James Comey’s motives are, his actions hark back to a dark period in the FBI’s history.

  • Originally published 04/22/2015

    FBI director got it wrong on the Holocaust

    Anne Applebaum

    In two poorly worded sentences, he sounded to Polish readers as if he were repeating the World War II myth that most drives them crazy: Namely, that somehow, those who lived in occupied Eastern Europe shared full responsibility for a German policy.