• Hitler's Own Maginot Line

    by Robert Scott Kellner

    What the diary of a German against the Third Reich can teach us about the Atlantic Wall. 

  • Rethinking Black History Month in Germany

    by Tiffany Florvil

    This year will mark the 30th anniversary of the annual Black History Month celebrations in Berlin, which became a fixture in the Black German community. 

  • Putin’s Stasi ID Is Found in German Archive

    Long before he was president of Russia, Vladimir Putin worked as a K.G.B. officer in Dresden in the former East Germany and had access to Germany’s dreaded secret police.

  • Controversial statue of Marx unveiled in his German birthplace

    Protesters held banners reading “Down with capitalism” and “Father of all dictators” at the unveiling of a statue of Karl Marx in the German city of Trier, reflecting the polarising legacy of the philosopher in his birthplace and beyond.