Nelson Mandela

  • South Africa: Twenty-Five Years Since Apartheid

    by Zeb Larson

    Twenty-five years ago, South Africa peacefully transitioned from a white-minority government to a black majority government, yet the legacy of apartheid still lingers today.

  • MIT Historian Sues U.S. Intelligence Agencies over Mandela Files

    Shapiro said while it is generally accepted—though unproven—that U.S. spy agencies supported the apartheid regime in Africa and, specifically, were involved in the freedom fighter’s arrest, much of that remained unreported by the press, even in the torrent of coverage following Mandela’s death in December.

  • Nelson Mandela, Communist

    by Bill Keller

    Yes, the fact that Mandela was a member of the South African Communist Party matters, but not in the way you think.

  • The GOP's Mandela Problem

    by Juan Cole

    Rick Santorum compares apartheid to Obamacare, Rush Limbaugh complains about all of Mandela's media attention, and Dick Cheney is STILL defending his vote against sanctioning the apartheid government.

  • The Character of Nelson Mandela

    by Max Boot

    Mandela belongs to the same pantheon of insurgents as George Washington, Michael Collins, and David Ben-Gurion.