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  • The Only Opposition Response

    by Liberty and Power

    Since the Republican Party establishment will accept and secretly welcome Barack Obama's proposals for increasing the size and scope of government this speech by Rand Paul is the only legitimate answer to our President’s State of the Union attempt to grab even more power.

  • The Danger is Government

    by Liberty and Power

    Were the Jewish people living in Germany in 1933 being paranoid and delusional, the way many people who are concerned about Second Amendment rights are being described now, when they feared they would be killed by their own government? In this video where Walter Williams talks about the true purpose of  the Second Amendment he asks the question are we in any less of a threat of tranny from our government in Washington than we were in 1787? History is absolutely clear on this point the, answer is yes. Many people have observed time and time again that when government says it is doing something for your own good it is not telling us the truth. The 20th century state has shown itself to be the greatest killer of all time.

  • Oswald Garrison Villard Audio from 1940

    by Liberty and Power

    This is a real treat.  Here is an audio from 1940 of the great classical liberal, free trader, and co-founder of the NAACP, Oswald Garrison Villard discussing Franklin D. Roosevelt's national defense program.

  • Oswald Garrison Villard (Audio of Debate from 1940)

    by Liberty and Power

    This is a real treat. In this audio of a debate from 1940, the great classical liberal anti-imperialist, free trader, and co-founder of the NAACP Oswald Garrison Villard discusses Roosevelt's national defense program.

  • Supreme Court Rules: Social Security is NOT a Binding Contract

    by Liberty and Power

    ssa-logoThis post was prompted by all-too-common opinions expressed in Randall Holcombe's recent "Federal Government Debt Undermines the Programs It Finances" blog. The respondents passionately insist that Social Security is a contract, whatever you do to the budget, do not touch Social Security. "I paid in and it is a contract. They owe me."

    The Supreme Court settled this issue in 1960! Even more to the point, the Social Security Administration mocks those who think it is a binding contract. On the SSA's own web site, it states:

    "There has been a temptation throughout the program's history for some people to suppose that their FICA payroll taxes entitle them to a benefit in a legal, contractual sense."

  • Did the Government Drive Aaron Swartz to Suicide?

    by Liberty and Power


    My latest op-ed explores the case of Aaron Swartz, the programming prodigy and Internet freedom activist who faced 35 years in prison before taking his own life this month.

  • How the Drug War not Drugs Kills

    by Liberty and Power

    The drug policies pursued and bragged about by both Democrats and Republicans are extremely costly. This is terms of wasted tax money for very little return. Also the price includes an ever growing disrespect for the nation's laws and leadership. Not to mention the generating of a great of unnecessary human misery. But lastly there is the tally of many of our fellow citizens killed for no good reason.

  • Oliver Stone Understands Who Barack Obama Really Is

    by Liberty and Power

    It is very important for the American people to understand by knowing history and to proclaim as loudly as possible that Barack Obama  is every bit the callous war monger that Richard Nixon and George Bush ever were. Oliver Stone and my old professor American University’s Peter Kuznick are doing their part with their currently running Showtime historical series Untold History of the U. S. and this interview explaining their purpose. They do an outstanding job of illustrating the fact that the policies and mindset which got 50,000 Americans needlessly killed in Vietnam are still in place.

  • Government-Industry Revolving Door

    by Liberty and Power

    Not that we thought it would be any different, but revolving door between government and industry spins just as fast in Obama's Washington. Read about it in my latest article at the Project to Restore America.

  • End the War on Drugs

    by Liberty and Power

    Barack Obama can accomplish significant good for this country by ending drug prohibition. He has won a new term  and no longer has to appease the drug warriors. This film Breaking the Taboo does a very good job of explaining why that is the right thing to do.

  • The Reason for Yet More Unexplained Public Violence, Why?

    by Liberty and Power

    Yet another public shooting rampage has occurred, this time at an Oregon mall. The police and the news media offer no explanation for this particular incident of violence. The shooter, Jacob Tyler Roberts -- who killed two and seriously wounded one other person -- has no criminal record, merely two speeding tickets earlier this year. The weapon he used, a fully legal AR-15, was a stolen from someone he knew, so no background check on him would ever have been performed. The perpetrator, wearing a Jason-style hockey mask, walked briskly through the stores in the mall and began firing randomly. Roberts and a woman were evicted from their apartment in Happy Valley, Ore., last summer; police have searched the his home in Portland, but declined to indicate what they found. The unexplained attack ended when Roberts followed the example of many of our soldiers and took his own life.

  • People Shopping at Wal Mart is Not the Problem

    by Liberty and Power

    This video shot in a Wal Mart parking lot is disturbing not because of anything Wal Mart does but because it shows the American people demonstrating a degree of ignorance and callousness that is uncomfortable. Can you answer the two key questions here  by naming four countries that Obama has bombed and telling how many veterans commit suicide each day. People are not trying to buy happiness at Wal Mart, they are trying to buy the things they need at a low price so that they can continue pay their taxes and the government can keep on buying the bombs as well as sending our sons and daughters to die or be wounded overseas. That is what makes government happy.