Atomic Cover-Up

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tags: censorship, atomic bomb, World War 2, documentary film


Atomic Cover-Up TRAILER from Suzanne Mitchell on Vimeo.

World premiere at Cinequest Film Festival March 20-30

WORLD PREMIERE. Atomic Cover-up is the first documentary to explore the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 from the unique perspective, words and startling images of the brave cameramen and directors who risked their lives filming in the irradiated aftermath. It reveals how this historic footage, created by a Japanese newsreel crew and then an elite U.S. Army team (who shot the only color reels), was seized, classified top secret, and then buried by American officials for decades to hide the full human costs of the bombings as a dangerous nuclear arms race raged. All the while, the producers of the footage made heroic efforts to find and expose their shocking film, to reveal truths of the atomic bombings that might halt nuclear proliferation. Atomic Cover-up represents, at least in part, the film they were not allowed to make, as well as a tribute to documentarians everywhere. Following the screening, watch a 30-minute discussion between the director and producer and the daughter of one of the U.S. military officers who led the American film team.

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