World War 2

  • The Wartime Service and Postwar Activism of One Latino Veteran

    by Ricardo Romo

    For Veteran's Day, a historian shares photos, and the history, of his father's wartime experiences. Like many of his compatriots, Henry Romo was reluctant to discuss those experiences, but drew on them to work for equal citizenship at home. 

  • How America Short-Changed Black WWII Vets, and Why it Still Matters

    by Matthew Delmont

    Black servicemembers immediately understood the insulting dismissal of their contributions to the war against fascism. But their exclusion, by legislative design and administrative discrimination, from the postwar benefits white veterans enjoyed was the longer-lasting harm. 

  • Matthew Delmont Examines How Black Americans Saw the Second World War

    For Black Americans, everything about the second world war looked different, including the start date, which the Black press dated to the Italian invasion of Ethiopia in 1935. A new book centers the issue of global racism in a narrative of the conflict. 

  • TikTok Spurs Frenzy over Fake Photos of Nanjing Atrocities

    A Minnesota antiques dealer's mistake in identifying historical photos in a donated album intersected with the virality of social media and the still-raw international resentments over Japanese atrocities during its conquest and occupation of China to create a fake history furor. 

  • My Husband the War Criminal

    The posthumous release of Nancy Dougherty's biography of the Nazi secret police chief emphasizes his bureaucratic cunning. Does it minimize his ideological commitment to Nazism, or the crimes he carried out? 

  • You Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Gotta Hand it To America Firsters

    by Eric Rauchway

    Critics of American aid to Ukraine have misconstrued the history of FDR's "Lend-Lease" aid to Britain and the USSR as a factor that pushed the world into total war. It's worth considering the political affiliations of people who made that argument in 1941.