Netanyahu on Holocaust: 'Hypocrisy is screaming to the sky'

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Sirens wailed across Israel and thousands marched at the Auschwitz death camps in Poland on Monday as the world marked Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking at Jerusalem's Yad Vashem memorial, warned that anti-Semitism and apathy to cruelty remain a critical global problem. He lauded President Trump for his military strike on Syria after a chemical weapons attack earlier this month. But he blamed anti-Semitism for global support for Palestinians in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"The old-new anti-Semitism is common among some in the West and is also common in U.N. institutions," Netanyahu said. "Hypocrisy is screaming to the sky. And as for the world's indifference, has anything changed? One must admit that the answer is mainly 'no.'"

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