• Antisemitism is Toxic and Persistent. It's Not Inevitable

    by Ralph Seliger

    International Holocaust Remembrance Day (January 27) follows an armed hostage incident at a Texas synagogue. The author reflects on moments when societies have chosen to embrace or reject antisemitism at moments of crisis and concludes that while the risk to Jews today is real, it is not inevitable.

  • A Ten Year Old's Witness to the Liberation of Auschwitz

    by Bernice Lerner

    Jerzy (George) Ogurek had beaten the odds to survive in Auschwitz for three months when the Red Army arrived to liberate the camp. 50 years later, none of his colleagues at Boston University knew of his ordeal.

  • 60 Minutes Report: Who Betrayed Anne Frank?

    While investigators believe they have identified the person who revealed the Frank's hiding place to the Nazi occupiers of Amsterdam, the revelation opens, rather than closes, questions of responsibility and community obligations.

  • MA Jewish Leaders: COVID Mandates Nothing Like Holocaust

    "When COVID deniers and people who refute data-driven public health policy wrongly invoke the Holocaust, they pervert history, trivialize the memories of victims and survivors, and desensitize people to the monstrous atrocities that occurred."

  • A Tech-Savvy Holocaust Memorial in Ukraine Draws Critics and Crowds

    “I grew up with war stories from my grandparents’ generation,” said Andrej Umansky, a German historian with Ukrainian ancestry working for the private initiative, the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center. “But students today don’t have the same connection.... To talk about the Holocaust is the same as talking about ancient Rome.”