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In Greenwich Village, Gov. Andrew Cuomo presided over a wedding at the Stonewall Inn, a landmark in the fight for gay rights. It's been a remarkable journey from a small, dingy jukebox bar to an iconic location in the fight for civil rights.

In 1967, when the CBS News special "The Homosexuals" ran, medical authorities classified being gay as a mental illness. Gay activity was illegal.

"We were viewed as some kind of freak show," said Tommy Lanigan-Schmidt. "Something to be avoided."

Today, a fine arts professor, Lanigan-Schmidt spent the 60s living on the streets of New York's Greenwich Village, in the shadows.

"We just tried to avoid situations where we'd get murdered or something." said Lanigan-Schmidt. "You know you're in a horrible place and you gotta get through it."

Phil Bockman, a psychotherapist today, hid his identity from all but a select few....

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