gay marriage

  • Resistance to Gay Marriages Travels a Well-Worn Path

    Legal experts suggest that history might hint at how the coming months will unfold, as a handful of defiant clerks across the South and Midwest refuse to abide by the Supreme Court's ruling last month that legalized gay marriage.

  • A New Right Grounded in the Long History of Marriage

    by David M. Perry

    Citing the work of historians that demonstrates the constant evolution of the institution, the U.S. Supreme Court decides to recognize a constitutional right to same-sex unions.

  • The Price of Gay Marriage

    by Timothy Stewart-Winter

    Will the victory at the Supreme Court blind us to our history of life in the margins?

  • When judges change their minds

    by Emily Bazelon

    Oliver Wendell Holmes first embraced throwing people in jail for holding views critical of the government.  Then, a few months later, changed his mind. When does this happen?