U.S. professor connects global nuclear victims, raises awareness

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tags: nuclear weapons, Robert Jacobs, Hiroshima City University, Asahi Shimbum

HIROSHIMA--An American professor living in Hiroshima is getting the young descendants of hydrogen and atomic bomb survivors to tell their stories, as well as linking victims of nuclear weapons and accidents around the world, to prevent future tragedies.

Robert Jacobs, 53, an associate professor of the history of nuclear weapons and scientific technology at Hiroshima City University, settled near the city’s Mitakidera temple seven years ago. The old temple is well known for offering water of the falls on its grounds to the annual Peace Memorial Ceremony, held on Aug. 6 to commemorate victims of the 1945 U.S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

Jacobs has interviewed a number of people at nuclear testing sites and in areas affected by nuclear accidents all over the world....

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