nuclear weapons

  • Making a Uranium Ghost Town

    Both the Homestake Mining Company and New Mexico state regulators knew almost immediately that a uranium mine opened in 1958 was poisoning local groundwater. They didn't tell local residents, who have been fighting for their lives and for justice. 

  • Reigniting a Nuclear Arms Race is the Wrong Take-Home from Ukraine

    by David P. Barash

    A simplistic assumption of nuclear deterrence – that having nuclear weapons protects a nation against aggression – has frequently failed in practice. The Ukraine invasion should be a call to rethink deterrence and move toward abolishing nuclear weapons. 

  • Has the "Duck and Cover" World Returned

    by Tom Engelhardt

    The generation that came of age during the Cold War may have insight on the return of the nuclear threat, but "duck and cover" won't cut it. 

  • Ukraine's Nuclear Flash Point

    by Michael Klare

    With Russia's invasion of Ukraine backstopped by a nuclear arsenal, the days when nuclear war was unthinkable have clearly passed. 

  • Nuclear Power Plants Aren't Made to Survive War

    by Kate Brown and Susan Solomon

    "It is difficult to believe, but in all the decades of imagining nuclear-emergency scenarios, engineers did not design for an event so human and inevitable as war."

  • Attacking Iran would be a Catastrophic Mistake for Israel

    by Alon Ben-Meir

    Regardless of a success or failure to reach a new agreement with Iran, Israel must not attack Iran’s nuclear facilities and must work closely with the US to develop a joint strategy to curb Iran’s ambition to acquire nuclear weapons and potentially end the conflict with Iran on a more permanent basis.

  • Let's Not Allow the Great Powers to Destroy the World

    by Lawrence Wittner

    Historically, vast military resources have made nations more, not less, eager for military confrontation. The risk is too great today to allow a revival of great power rivalry. 

  • A History of Nuclear False Alarms

    As nuclear readiness is increased in response to North Korean tests and the territorial goals of China and Russia, it's time to revisit times when an accidental nuclear war came close to happening. 

  • Tularosa Downwinders: a 75 Year Wait for Justice

    Residents of New Mexico's Tularosa basin received no advance warning of the 1945 atomic bomb tests nor of the risks to their health. They've been excluded from relief legislation that has benefitted residents near the Nevada test sites and workers in uranium mines. 

  • Only Fools Replay Doomsday

    by William Astore

    The author worked at NORAD's headquarters under Cheyenne Mountain at the height of the Cold War and wonders why, having emerged the nominal victors of one round of military escalation toward armageddon, American policymakers seem willing to enter another. 

  • The Untold Story of the World's Biggest Nuclear Bomb

    by Alex Wellerstein

    Read a detailed account of the moment in the Cold War when the United States and Soviet Union contemplated, then developed and tested, nuclear weapons of horrifying power.