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  • Originally published 07/14/2016

    Our Week from Hell

    Walter G. Moss

    Race and guns, April 1968 and July 2016.

  • Originally published 05/12/2015

    Channeling Spiro Agnew in the Baltimore riots

    Charles Holden, Zach Messitte, Jerald Podair

    His reaction to the unfolding situation helped make him a household name and led to a reshaping of American electoral politics.

  • Originally published 05/05/2015

    Scholar of Urban Riots: Expect More Unrest

    In an interview historian Ashley M. Howard says we demonize blacks who turn violent but still lionize white labor activists from the 19th century who used violence.

  • Originally published 04/28/2015

    Liberal Punishment

    Mike Konczal

    Liberal law and order expanded during the urban riots of the 1960s.

  • Originally published 01/22/2015

    AHA 2015: Historical Perspectives on Ferguson (Video)

    Marcia Chatelain, William Jelani Cobb, Colin H. Gordon, Khalil Muhammad, and Heather Ann Thompson

    Historians talked about the history of race relations in Ferguson, Missouri, and how we got here.

  • Originally published 12/09/2014

    Does Gun Control = Death Control?

    William Heuisler

    "Eleven American cities – Chicago, New Orleans, Detroit, Los Angeles, Jacksonville (Fla.), Miami, Orlando, Omaha, Atlanta, Aurora, IL, and Dallas, account for over 70% of all American gun homicides."

  • Originally published 12/03/2014

    On the ‘Root Cause’ of Riots

    Abraham H. Miller

    We should’ve learned it in the ’60s: White racism is not the core issue, and money is not the answer.

  • Originally published 08/23/2014

    Ferguson, Watts and a Dream Deferred

    Tom Edsall

    The Watts riots – set off by the traffic arrest of a 21-year-old black driver by a white police officer — left 34 dead, 1,032 people injured, and 600 buildings damaged or destroyed.

  • Originally published 08/20/2014

    Ferguson, Missouri: This Is Who We Are

    Simon Balto

    "This is who we are. It’s who we’ve been for a very long time. Godspeed to the people of Ferguson, and to everyone else out there working to fix us."

  • Originally published 08/31/2014

    Democrats are part of the problem in Ferguson, too

    Liberty and Power

    The halls of an adjourned Congress are ringing with passionate calls to address the civil unrest in Ferguson, Mo., which resulted from the lethal shooting of an unarmed black teen by police. The response of militarized law enforcement who view protesters as "the enemy" and the city as a war zone has become a particular focus. But, even if the cries are sincere, every congressional word or movement until November will reflect election maneuvering.Democrats quickly staked a claim to the moral high ground. Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) and Bobby Scott (D-Va.) are prominent members of both the House Judiciary Committee and the Congressional Black Caucus. Along with Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.), they initiated a call for a congressional hearing on the use of excessive force by American law enforcement. The Republicans will almost certainly cooperate, if only because it would be impolitic not to do so. Moreover, the hearing would be post-election and not necessarily lead to a change in law or policy.

  • Originally published 08/19/2014

    "He Wasn't A Regular Guy"

    Mark Byrnes's Facing Backwards

    The eagerness on the part of some people to embrace a narrative that suggests that Michael Brown "deserved it," before the facts are established, has a long and ugly history--and that fact may be far more significant and troubling than what happened that day in Ferguson.