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Ken Burns

  • Originally published 12/06/2017

    Frances FitzGerald Reconsidered

    Gary Kulik

    She won all the prizes for her history of Vietnam, but scholars don’t think much of “Fire in the Lake.”

  • Originally published 09/21/2017

    Ken Burns’s War Stories

    Bob Buzzanco

    He’s more storyteller than historian and that weakens his series considerably.

  • Originally published 09/04/2017

    New Yorker profiles Ken Burns

    Even in a fractious era, the filmmaker still believes that his documentaries can bring every viewer in.

  • Originally published 03/29/2017

    Ken Burns making documentary on Muhammad Ali

    The PBS documentarian announced Tuesday that he and two partners will make a two-part, four-hour film about the former heavyweight champ, who died last June.

  • Originally published 12/06/2016

    New Ken Burns' 'Vietnam War' documentary tackles divisive era

    The series, called "The Vietnam War," features testimony from nearly 100 witnesses. It took six years to complete and includes archival footage and home movies as well as audio recordings from inside the Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon administrations.

  • Originally published 09/13/2015

    Ken Burns plans on doing a documentary about Reconstruction by 2020

    Alyssa Rosenberg

    He even knows what the last words of the documentary will be. “They would head, as the poet Langston Hughes wrote, ‘towards the warmth of other suns.’ ” In all the time Burns has been chronicling American history, that dream hasn’t been accomplished. But the journey continues.

  • Originally published 03/30/2015

    Ken Burns tackles history of cancer

    Ken Burns' new documentary, Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies, marks a contrast to the historical documentaries for which he's best known. Unlike the Civil War or the Roosevelt presidencies, the story of cancer doesn't yet have an ending.

  • Originally published 09/15/2014

    Ken Burns’s ‘Roosevelts’ Fine But Flawed

    Harvey J. Kaye

    Arguably America’s most influential historian, Burns fashions a fascinating documentary from the lives of Teddy, Franklin, and Eleanor. But his story has grave gaps.

  • Originally published 09/09/2014

    Conversation With Ken Burns

    The filmmaker, whose latest documentary, ‘The Roosevelts,’ premieres Sept. 14 on PBS, talks about their fears, personal struggles and sense of duty.