• Lives Derailed: Notes from Migration Encounters

    by Anita Isaacs and Anne Preston

    "The contributions of immigrants, and the human toll of anti-immigrant policies should take center stage as we renew our national conversation on immigration."

  • A Lesser-Known Trump Immigration Policy Needs Biden’s Attention

    by Smita Ghosh

    Biden should reverse the Trump policy of using "expedited removal" to deport migrants without a hearing, which is part of a historical pattern of deportation programs that harm communities, separate families, and sometimes result in legal residents being expelled from the United States.

  • Indian Removal

    by Claudio Saunt

    In May 1830, the United States Congress authorized the US federal government to uproot and transport 80,000 people from their homes east of the Mississippi.

  • Deportation Nation

    Historian Adam Goodman discusses his new book entitled, "The Deportation Machine: America’s Long History of Expelling Immigrants."

  • How crossing the US-Mexico border became a crime

    by Kelly Lytle Hernandez

    A new book by historian Kelly Lytle Hernandez reveals that for most of American history immigrants could enter the United States without official permission and not fear criminal prosecution by the federal government. That changed in 1929.

  • Why Trump EO is Still a Racist Muslim Ban

    by Juan Cole

    The way you can tell that the list is generated by prejudice rather than security concerns is that there are plenty of states that are in worse shape than some of the 6 named but which are not Muslim-majority.

  • Trump and the Battle Over Sanctuary in America

    To carry out mass deportations, thousands of new immigration and customs agents would be hired, and local police officers and sheriff’s deputies would be recruited. To do that, the president would need the cooperation of state, county and city officials. What if he does not get it?