Henry VIII

  • Hilary Mantel, Historian

    by Samuel Clowes Huneke

    The celebrated novelist legacy to scholars is a model for examining psychological complexity and political motivation in the past. 

  • The Strangely Forgettable Burial Place of Henry VIII

    by Emma Levitt

    Though the monarch's grandiose plans for his own tomb were never fulfilled, they reveal much about Henry VIII's ideas of power and masculinity, and pose an ironic contrast to the austere slab that marks his resting place today. 

  • How England's Worst King Spawned Capitalism

    by Simon Constable

    Henry VIII’s decision to dissolve hundreds of monasteries was a revolutionary act by a monarch spouting the need for monastic reform. What this despot with outsize appetites could not have foreseen is that by selling off the monks’ land, he opened it to market forces.

  • Scots army defeat at Flodden blamed on 18ft weapon

    IT WAS one of Scotland’s most catastrophic defeats, a battle that robbed the country of its king and countless lairds.Now, in the run-up to the 500th anniversary of the battle of Flodden, an expert has blamed the defeat on the Scottish army’s inability to master their weapon of choice: an unwieldy, 18ft pike.The forces of James IV were destroyed by the English troops of Henry VIII because they were unable to use their long pikes properly and did not have enough time to get used to them, according to military archaeologist Dr Tony Pollard, of Glasgow University....