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Holocaust denial

  • Originally published 08/07/2013

    Holocaust denial historian David Irving to hold Himmler talk in UK

    Controversial historian David Irving is to hold a talk on SS chief Heinrich Himmler later this month.Irving, who has served time in jail in Austria for holocaust denial, will address audiences in Newcastle Upon Tyne and then Edinburgh, Scotland, on 27 and 28 August.Promotional material for the talks on Irving's website includes the 75-year-old visiting Himmler's field headquarters and also the home in which the prominent Nazi died. The events are likely to draw protests from far-left groups which call Irving a Nazi sympathiser for comments he made about the genocide of Jews by the Nazi regime during World War II....

  • Originally published 05/05/2013

    Hollywood conservative unmasked as Holocaust revisionist

    To those who knew him, or thought they knew him, he was a cerebral, fun-loving gadfly who hosted boozy gatherings for Hollywood's political conservatives. David Stein brought right-wing congressmen, celebrities, writers and entertainment industry figures together for shindigs, closed to outsiders, where they could scorn liberals and proclaim their true beliefs.Over the past five years Stein's organisation, Republican Party Animals, drew hundreds to regular events in and around Los Angeles, making him a darling of conservative blogs and talkshows. That he made respected documentaries on the Holocaust added intellectual cachet and Jewish support to Stein's cocktail of politics, irreverence and rock and roll.There was just one problem. Stein was not who he claimed. His real name can be revealed for the first time publicly – a close circle of confidants only found out the truth recently – as David Cole. And under that name he was once a reviled Holocaust revisionist who questioned the existence of Nazi gas chambers. He changed identities in January 1998....

  • Originally published 06/28/2014

    Lawrence Veiller: Progressive Tenement Reformer and Eugenicist

     As part of my research on another topic, I happened across some rather provocative correspondence from Lawrence Veiller.  After the turn of the century, Veiller was the most significant national leader in the progressive tenement reform.  New York’s Tenement Law of 1901 was largely his brainchild and became a model of similar legislation nationwide.  He often worked closely with such luminaries as Jane Addams, Jacob Riis, and Theodore Roosevelt.  Through groups such as the National Housing Association (which he headed) and the National Conference on Planning (in which he served as an officer), Veiller was relentless in pushing for tougher building courts, limits on density, zoning, and other housing regulation.