Russian history

  • Where Witches Were Men: Magic in Early Modern Russia

    by Valerie Kivelson

    In Orthodox Russia, unlike Catholic and Protestant western Europe, the nature of hierarchy and power meant that the majority of people accused of witchcraft were men, and the popular image of a witch was male. 

  • How Putin Conquered Russia's Oligarchs

    A key for Putin's consolidation of power was not eliminating the post-Soviet oligarchy but shaking it down for protection money and political obedience.

  • "We Need New Stories of Post-Soviet Jews"

    A team of historians and Jewish and Russian Studies scholars introduce a project to examine the more recent history of Jews in the former Soviet Union. 

  • Tim Snyder: How Putin Misjudged the Western Response

    Did Putin interpret the January 6 attack on the Capitol as evidence that American democracy and the Biden administration were too fracture and weak to coordinate a response to the invasion of Ukraine? 

  • Is Putin a New Constantine?

    by Daniel Gullotta

    "In short, Putin seems to strike some conservatives as a new Constantine for a new Christendom standing against progressive totalitarianism."

  • The West, and United States, Undermine Sanctions with their Financial Institutions

    by Casey Michel

    American law supports many of the instruments of international financial crime, and American banks and law firms staff them, because they are profitable and useful to oligarchs from around the world. Sanctions on Russian oligarchs will fail unless there is a crackdown on oligarchs in general. 

  • A Tale of Two Dictators: Putin's Relationship to Stalin's Legacy

    by Simon Sebag Montefiore

    Despite their ideological incompatibility, Putin's nationalism depends on the cult of fear and repressive apparatus of the Stalinist era, which was never comprehensively demolished after the fall of Communism. 

  • The Seeds of War

    by Gregory Afinogenov

    Putin's actions belie the argument that Russia was provoked by NATO expansion; Russian imperialism is driving neighbors toward the western alliance, not the other way around.