• American Democracy Was Never Supposed to Work

    by Richard Kreitner

    "Merely ousting Trump is not enough without addressing more fundamental weaknesses in our political system, especially an outdated Constitution that continues to serve a minority of wealthy and white citizens and to curb any movements that might threaten their wealth and power."

  • Elections Don’t Have to Be So Chaotic and Excruciating

    by Stephen I. Vladeck

    A uniform procedure for publicizing the vote count can eliminate the chaos of haphazard vote counts and remove the opportunity for candidates to portray the normal process of counting votes as irregular or crooked. 

  • States Keep Failing Black People

    by Charles M. Blow

    A look at American history shows that state governments have been agents of black oppression in voting rights, criminal justice, and public health.

  • The New Federalism

    by Gary Gerstle

    States have once again become the innovators in American political life and the institutions that are taking their democratic remit seriously.

  • Federalism and Fighting Coronavirus

    John Barry's book The Great Influenza demonstrates how federalism can work effectively in a crisis. By that standard, the current response leaves much to be desired.

  • States Are in Crisis. Why Won’t Trump Help?

    by Lizabeth Cohen

    The abandonment of a federalist system where states are accountable to Washington and residents everywhere can expect equitable treatment is recasting the United States of America to favor States over United.