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David McCullough

  • Originally published 05/09/2015

    Whitehead fans slam McCullough's "The Wright Brothers"

    These have become dark days for the aviation historians and others who have maintained that Gustave Whitehead of Bridgeport flew a heavier-than-air airship more than two years before the Wright brothers' first flight on Dec. 17, 1903.

  • Originally published 05/05/2015

    Why I Wrote a Book About the Wright Brothers (Interview)

    David McCullough

    "They were both brilliant. They weren’t just a couple of clever bicycle mechanics who got lucky. I’m convinced, and it’s self-evident once you know the full story, that Wilbur Wright was a genius."

  • Originally published 07/09/2013

    Pittsburgh bridge renamed for historian McCullough

    PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh bridge has been renamed for Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David McCullough on his 80th birthday.County officials gathered Sunday to rename the 16th Street Bridge in McCullough's honor. A Pittsburgh native and two-time Pulitzer prize winner, McCullough said no honor has touched him like the decision to rename the bridge after him.McCullough, who wrote a book about the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, said he's had many honors."But no pat on the back has ever touched me to the heart, to the depths of what I am, the way this announcement of a bridge named in my honor has," the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette reported. "There's something magical about a bridge."...

  • Originally published 02/12/2013

    Historian David McCullough on Work and the Pursuit of Happiness

    Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David McCullough is author of popular biographies such as Truman and John Adams, and at 79 years old, he’s still going strong. When asked by Harvard Business Review whether he is ready to retire, McCullough offered some interesting perspective on how he views his work through the American founders’ understanding of the “pursuit of happiness” (HT):