• Can Space Exploration Restore American Faith in Science?

    by John Baick

    The 60th anniversary of the first manned space flight is time to reflect on the devolution of space exploration from an expression of science as a public and collective enterprise to a vanity project of fame-seeking billionaires.

  • Persevering to Mars

    by Stephen J. Pyne

    In two prior ages of exploration, the work has been inseparable from contact between peoples leading to colonization. Last month's successful landing on Mars may herald an age where technology encourages all people to imagine themselves as equal participants.

  • Fly me to the Moon: Covering the Early Space Program

    by Ron Steinman

    Will people struggling to get through a normal day be inspired by a renewed space program? Will either the government or the media commit for the long haul?  At least I knew there was a time when we all had it in us. For the future, only time will tell.