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  • Originally published 11/28/2017

    The BDS Movement Has Come to Kansas

    Edwin Black

    It's split the Mennonites and ended in a lawsuit protesting a Kansas law that bans discrimination against Israel.

  • Originally published 01/29/2016

    Pushback for Anti-Israel Academics

    Cary Nelson

    The American Historical Association recognized that its own credibility was on the line in a recent vote.

  • Originally published 01/07/2016

    History Professors Take Aim At Israel

    Stephen M. Flatow

    A man whose daughter was killed by Palestinian terrorists says historians targeting Israel are guilty of misdirected anger.

  • Originally published 05/12/2015

    Just the Facts: What You Need to Know About the BDS Movement

    Alexander S. Collie

    Social justice or academic censorship? Anti-Israel or Pro-Palestine? These are some of the questions that must be grappled with by those who are engaged in the intellectual battle over the Boycott, Divesting, and Sanctioning movement.

  • Originally published 02/18/2015

    Radicals strap suicide belt on MESA

    Martin Kramer

    The membership of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) has now passed a resolution taking the organization well down the road to endorsing the academic boycott of Israel.

  • Originally published 12/29/2014

    The AHA Will Be Taking Up 2 Resolutions Critical of Israel

    Rick Shenkman

    One criticizes Israel for allegedly violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights "by refusing to allow students from Gaza to travel in order to pursue higher education abroad, and even at West Bank universities."

  • Originally published 02/04/2013

    Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism

    Andrew Seth Meyer

    B.D.S. protestor outside of Carnegie Hall. Credit: Flickr/TheeErin.Next week Brooklyn College will be hosting an event planned by the B.D.S. movement, an activist group dedicated to encouraging "boycott, divestment, and sanctions" against Israel. The gathering is being co-sponsored by the Department of Political Science, and will feature Judith Butler and Omar Barghouti as principal speakers. Critics of the event have questioned the propriety of the involvement of the Department of Political Science, charging that their co-sponsorship amounts to the endorsement of political views that will be offensive or intimidating to some students.

  • Originally published 02/04/2013

    Corey Robin: The Question of Palestine at Brooklyn College, Then and Now

    Corey Robin is an American political theorist, journalist and associate professor of Political Science at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.In 1942, Brooklyn College hired a young instructor to teach a summer course on Modern European history. Though academically trained, the instructor was primarily known as the author of a series of incendiary articles in the Jewish press on Jewish politics and Zionism.An active though ambivalent Zionist, the instructor did not shy from scorching criticism of the movement for Jewish settlement in Palestine. She had already come to some unsettling conclusions in private. In an unpublished essay, she compared the Zionists to the Nazis, arguing that both movements assumed that the Jews were “totally foreign” to other peoples based on their “inalterable substance.” She wrote in a letter that she found “this territorial experiment” of the Jews in Palestine “increasingly problematic.” By the spring of 1942, she was more public in her criticisms. In March, she wrote that the Irgun—the Jewish paramilitary group whose most prominent commander was Menachem Begin—was a “fascist organization” that “employed terrorist methods in their fight against Arabs in Palestine.”