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Millennials Don't Think America Was Ever That Great

... There's nothing wrong with teaching about slavery, about Jim Crow, about the denial of equality and opportunity to many millions of Americans in the past -- and the present. But, as was made clear by Campus Reform'sCabot Phillips when he interviewed young people in New York about Governor Andrew Cuomo's "America was never that great" remark, millennials are ignorant of the real accomplishments and achievements of all Americans, of many colors and ethnicities, through the centuries.

When asked if there was ever a time in America’s history when we were great, the majority of the people I spoke with made it clear: they were siding with Governor Cuomo.

“I don’t believe America has been great for all folks, ever. Even today,” said one respondent, while another added simply, “I would have to agree with Governor Cuomo.”

One person elaborated on their reasoning for saying America was never great, saying, “The idea that there was this once great America is pointing towards this false sense of nationalism…What, it’s talking about white America? Yeah, it’s not great.”

Another respondent cited similar points, declaring that “America has been great…for straight white men.”

Wondering if this thought process stemmed from what was being taught in the classroom, I followed up by asking if they’d ever been taught American Exceptionalism in school.

Just one person said it was a concept they’d been taught in class.

“I’ve never heard of it before,” conceded one, while another explained that “I personally wasn’t taught American Exceptionalism because I went to a very forward thinking liberal school…”

I never learned about American exceptionalism in school. I was able to figure it out for myself. The problem, as I see it, is how history is taught in schools, not so much what is taught. ...

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