A Union Broken With a Senate Surrender

tags: impeachment, Trump, acquittal

Jammie Stiehm is a Creators Syndicate Washington columnist and public speaker on national politics and American history.

"The state of the union is fractured, and the reason is all me, folks. I made it my job to tear America in two and did it better than anybody, better than Lincoln."

That's what we won't hear when President Donald Trump delivers the annual State of the Union speech to the assembled Congress, Cabinet, Pentagon brass, chief justice and others.

Tuesday's ritual is a Washington scene in full dress, sure to give Trump psychic healing from his impeachment trial vote, set for Wednesday afternoon. As a guest in the House of Representatives, will he taunt the Democratic House with the Republican Senate's forthcoming acquittal? Will he poke fun at the Iowa caucuses?

After the trial, then begins "Trump Uncaged," the show up next till the end of his time: venom, threats, savage mockery, bigotry — un-American stuff. Or so we thought.

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