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  • Originally published 04/11/2018

    The End of Impeachment

    Elizabeth Drew

    How both Republicans and Democrats are undermining a crucial constitutional tool to oust an unfit president.

  • Originally published 04/11/2018

    When presidents lawyer up: A brief history

    Steven Lubet

    President Trump’s difficulty finding lawyers who will represent him in his current legal troubles tells us much about his leadership style and the advice he is willing to accept.

  • Originally published 02/21/2018


    Should Donald Trump Be Impeached? What historians are saying, tweeting and retweeting.

  • Originally published 09/06/2017

    What Are Impeachable Offenses?

    Noah Feldman and Jacob Weisberg

    Whether or not it is “worse than Watergate,” the Trump-Russia scandal differs from it in ways that bear directly on how impeachment might serve as a remedy today.

  • Originally published 05/29/2017

    Can the President Be Indicted?

    The Constitution includes detailed instructions for impeachment. But there’s no clear answer on whether a president may be criminally prosecuted.

  • Originally published 05/23/2017

    Thinking about impeachment? Slow down

    Michael J. Gerhardt

    The more deliberate the inquiry, the better chance that the American people will have confidence in it. For Nixon, the process that led to his resignation took more than two years, and the scope of wrongdoing that those investigations revealed was breathtaking.

  • Originally published 04/17/2017

    Who Else Is Trump Like?

    Ronald L. Feinman

    Presidents John Tyler and Andrew Johnson, two previous presidents who faced impeachment.

  • Originally published 07/26/2014

    The Impeachment Vogue

    Jeff Shesol

    Some on the right welcome impeachment.  Peter Rodino in 1974 did not.

  • Originally published 07/22/2014

    Watergate Was the Only Serious Impeachment

    Albert R. Hunt

    The impeachment of President Bill Clinton and the calls to do so for George W. Bush and now Barack Obama are petty and frivolous by comparison.

  • Originally published 05/16/2013

    Conrad Black: No Impeachment on Benghazi

    Conrad Black is the author of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Champion of Freedom, Richard M. Nixon: A Life in Full, and the recently published A Matter of Principle. He can be reached at cbletters@gmail.com.