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Pop Culture Roundup: This Week

This Week: #BlackAmericaPBS, American Revolution Museum, THE anti-labor film, Barry Obama movie, and much more!

Social Media News: This Week

Topics this Week include ... slavery, a gentleman named Trump, Jerusalem, democracy, and more.

Trump’s attitude is not ‘unprecedented.’ Nixon was a sore loser, too.

by David Greenberg

Stop pretending the defeated candidate is always gracious.

Can democracy be saved by those who have been historically excluded?

by Michael Suk-Young Chwe

The people we rely upon to save democracy are exactly those people whom the United States historically excluded: women and people of color.

How a public park in the suburbs of Virginia helped beat the Nazis

by Karen Duffin

A story about Nazis who were sent to America to be interrogated. Many of the interrogators were Jewish.

When women were admitted to Ivy League schools, the complaints sounded a lot like a Trump tweet

by Nancy Weiss Malkiel

A member of the class of 1936 objected to diluting ‘Princeton’s sturdy masculinity with disconcerting, mini-skirted young things...’

Iran/Contra Was the Prototype for Post-Vietnam Imperial Adventure

by Greg Grandin

On the 30th anniversary, we can see that it was an ideological project, with the New Right reasserting the righteousness of militarism and markets.

Thanks to Trump, We Can Better Understand How Hitler Was Possible

by Chemi Shalev

America isn't Nazi Germany and Trump isn't the Führer. But today it is easier to grasp how millions of people accepted the outrageous lies and dangerous delusions offered by the tyrant.

The Republican Party is coming apart. Here’s what it can learn from the 1956 Democrats.

by Boris Heersink

If Trump loses in November, Republican leaders can continue along the same path they have followed in recent years, or they can try to actively compete for a growing segment of the voting population.

You won't have Trump to kick around anymore?

by Julian Zelizer

There is a historical model that comes to mind when thinking about what Trump might do or say if he loses in November: Richard Nixon.

How the Battle of Trafalgar triggered a 19th-century Brexit

by Martin Robson

Over 200 years ago, Britain found itself isolated from Europe and looking elsewhere for trade. Remind you of anything?

Seeing Hitler Everywhere

by Uri Friedman

“As a rule Hitler comparisons are not about fairness. They have a political purpose.”

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