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Pop Culture Roundup: This Week

This week ... Smithsonian's ruby red slippers, Nat Turner, Bob Dylan, Jim Lehrer, Wright Brothers movie, and much more!

Crazy, Fascinating & Horrifying: Latest Edition

This Edition: Holocaust denier David Irving, Trump's tax return, Charles Dickens, slavery, Nazi drug abuse, and more.

Rise of the Reactionary

by Sam Tanenhaus

How a handful of Weimar émigrés came to have an outsized influence on the ideology of the American right.

Peter Thiel Shows Us There's a Difference Between Gay Sex and Gay

by Jim Downs

When you abandon numerous aspects of queer identity, are you still LGBT?

It’s Time to Release the Real History of the 1953 Iran Coup

by Malcolm Byrne

Contrary to what the U.S. government might think, holding on to the records certainly isn’t helping U.S. interests in the region.

Should a nation apologise for the crimes of its past?

by Tom Bentley

Merely recognising the violations of colonialism does not automatically lead to the conclusion that the states that once practised it should now apologise for their historical misdeeds.

The $5 trillion wars

by Linda J. Bilmes

Yet the trillions of dollars and thousands of lives expended in these wars have rated barely a mention in the presidential campaign.

7 Things to Know about Mosul

by Juan Cole

The Iraqi government has announced that the campaign to take the large northern city of Mosul back from ISIS. So what is the significance of Mosul as a city?

Britain is right to celebrate the abolition of slavery, but must acknowledge excesses of empire

by Alan Lester

Britain’s humanitarianism was part of the very fabric of imperial expansion – and reflected all its ambivalence.

Japanese Memories of the Asia-Pacific War

by Akiko Takenaka

Analyzing the Revisionist Turn Post-1995.

Our Feuding Founding Fathers

by Alan Taylor

Why do we cling to the myth of a golden age of American politics?

In a highly indebted world, austerity is a permanent state of affairs

by Mark Blyth

Strip away all the electoral politics at the moment in the US, the UK, Italy, Spain and elsewhere, and there's one underlying question. It’s a creditor/debtor stand-off where the creditors have the whip hand.

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