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Pop Culture Roundup: This Week

This Week: David Irving on trial, gay history, "I Am Not Your Negro," and much more.

The Year of the American Woman?

by Manisha Sinha

Trump’s unadulterated sexist criticisms of Hillary questioning her “mental capacity,” “physical stramina,” and recently claiming that she does not look Presidential, evoke arguments made by anti-suffragists nearly a century ago.

The Man Who Went Full Trump for FDR

by Gil Troy

He made up stories to smear the opposition and barely backpedaled when called out—Charlie Michelson perfected the nasty art of political mud-slinging.

The Myth of a Democratic Electoral Lock

by Jeff Greenfield

It wasn’t so long ago that Republicans though they had much of the country stitched up. Then a Clinton came along and that changed, fast.

How a Museum Reckons With Black Pain

by Vann R. Newkirk II

The Smithsonian’s new memorial of African American history and culture is at once triumphant and crushing.

NYT reporter says this one thing works to improve black achievement scores (audio)

It was desegregation.

Colonial Slow Genocide: Palestinian Leader Abbas asks Britain for “Balfour” Apology

by Juan Cole

Mahmoud Abbas, president of Palestine, is asking Britain for an apology for its having in 1917 issued the infamous “Balfour Declaration.” He won’t get one.

The Intellectual as President

by Kevin Mattson

Obama didn’t transform America by being a man of ideas; no one could do that. But he does remind us that intelligence and politics don’t have to be seen always as opposites.

The Construct of the White Working-Class Zombies

by Victor Davis Hanson

Hillary Clinton’s ‘deplorables’ have their antecedents in Obama’s ‘deplorables.’

History offers Britain an important lesson on shutting down immigration

by Tendayi Bloom and Katherine Tonkiss

Brett is a replay of what happened in 1948 when the UK allowed immigrants from the Commonwealth to migrate to Britain. As would happen later, little effort was made to integrate them into local communities.

Win, Lose, or Draw

by Nick Turse

U.S. Special Operations Command Details Dismal U.S. Military Record

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