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Pop Culture Roundup: This Week

This week ... Hamilton's billion dollar performance, an art history game, Malcolm Gladwell's history podcast, and much more!

A problematic diversity of views after Orlando shootings

by Jonathan Zimmerman

The Orlando mass shooting poses uncomfortable issues for both liberals and conservatives.

Orlando and the History of Anti-Gay Violence

by Jim Downs

Sunday was far from the first time mass murder was visited on America’s LGBT community.

America’s founders hated general warrants. So why has the government resurrected them?

by Henry Farrell

An interview with Laura Donohue

The split in the Democratic Party: It Goes Way Way Back

by Rick Perlstein

The schism between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is knit into the DNA of the modern Democratic Party.

A New Way Forward After Orlando

by Max Boot

The way to finally defeat ISIS is not simply by dropping more bombs is to woo Sunnis in Syria and Iraq away from ISIS by offering them a political end-state they can support.

Why Trump Now? It’s the Empire, Stupid

by Greg Grandin

Empire allowed the United States to avoid a true reckoning with the social problems, such as poverty, inequality, racism, crime and punishment, and domestic violence, caused by America’s brand of largely unfettered capitalism.

Six things Americans should know about mass shootings

by Frederic Lemieux

Mass shootings aren't limited to the USA. They also took place in 25 other wealthy nations between 1983 and 2013, but the number in the US far surpasses that of any other country.

Will Trump’s anti-Latino statements hurt the GOP?

by Eric Schickler

Here’s what we can learn from LBJ and Goldwater.

Westway, New York’s Great Highway That Never Was

by Gil Troy

The idea was to transform four miles of the West Side into one hundred acres of urban parkland that would embrace houses, shops, and offices—with a six-lane highway underneath. But Westway never happened.

Why we’ve been looking at human evolution in the wrong way

by Robert A. Foley

Why being human can't be traced back to hunting, fire or any other single event.

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