A problematic diversity of views after Orlando shootings

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Jonathan Zimmerman teaches education and history at New York University.

Suppose you’re the sort of liberal who thinks America should accept and celebrate diverse peoples, traditions and cultures. But you also believe that homosexuals should enjoy the rights of other human beings, including the right to marry.

Or let’s say you’re the type of conservative who — like Donald Trump — thinks that we should close our doors to Muslims. But you also think gays are sinful and deviant, and that marriage should be reserved for straights.

Either way, the Orlando tragedy poses a big problem for you.

When Omar Mateen murdered 49 people at a gay nightclub early Sunday, he reminded us that some cultural groups in the world simply do not accept homosexuality. You can’t unequivocally “celebrate diversity” — as the liberal bumper sticker urges — alongside gay rights, because some of the diverse people in our midst hate gays.

And the haters come in all colors and faiths, of course. Antigay white conservatives who want to keep out members of the Islamic faith might be surprised — and, I hope, embarrassed — about how many Muslims share their view of gays and lesbians. How can you condemn homosexuality, then demand the exclusion of people who do the same? ...

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